Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Golgum the Giant

Our big garden toad has found a new spot to stay during the hot days of summer...
My flower pot.
It's damp, cool, shaded, and you can't beat the view! :)
He greets me each morning with a big hop out (onto my foot, usually) of the pot, and hops back in after the sprinkler turns off.
I'm not sure exactly how his big ol' butt can actually get into the pot, but I'm glad he does.
Cute little old toad. Welcome back.

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Bloody Nose!!

Ev woke up looking a little like this Saturday morning.
Poor little guy had gotten a bloody nose in the night sometime. It was just a small spot on the pillow, but enough to create utter panic in mommy & sister.
It hasn't happened since, and I'm beginning to wonder if the culprit wasn't one of the not-so-squishy friends he sleeps with nowadays...
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Monster Truck!

I took Emma to Lowe's last weekend to make a monster truck! Grr!
She got her own Lowe's apron, hammer, and goggles, and then she got a cool kit to make the truck out of.
Follow the directions! :)
Hammer time!
When she finished, she got a badge for her apron and we headed home to paint it. (The stickers it came with were just not enough for our little Emma, of course! Ha!)

Good thing we eat a lot of ice cream! These buckets and lids are used for SOOOOO many things around our house!!

I can't actually find the truck right now to show you the finished product, but it earned many, many oohs and ahhs from her friends, and she was so proud because she did it herself.
Good job, Em!
We're proud, too!
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Father's Day

We finally laid the annual Father's Day garden stones in place with their predecessors in the garden. They look beautiful, as always, and I can imagine one day, as we sit in the yard enjoying a quiet evening together, John and I will place our frail, wrinkled hands in these stones, close our eyes, and try to remember when our children were this small. Our grandchildren will compare their own hands to daddy or mommy's, and one day, far from now, the ground will glisten like stars in the moonlight because of our beloved patio will be covered in little handprints of all the children, young and old, who sourround us with love.
Happy Father's Day, honey.
We love you sooooo much.

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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Tip Toe

As a mother, you know the small sounds of pure joy. A baby's laugh, tiny tip toes when sneaking cookies, a sweet "I lub you" or a cuddle for no reason at all. The newest sound among our home is the sound of Percy "toot, toot"-ing while a little boy should be napping. The little wooden train has been inseparable from Evan's chubby little baby fingers since our vacay with Grammie in May. Perhaps he should teach Percy to whisper when one is pretending to nap...
toooot toooooooooot!

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Friday, June 25, 2010


Fridays are always a "leftovers" day around the Castro home. Not the meals, per se, though it's been known to happen more often than not, but just in general life. All the things we plan on doing in the week that get pushed aside or redirected along the way make their way back to Friday. Today was no different. In the morning, we went to the library and while the big kids checked out books and browsed, Evan & I went to the storytime room and Ms. Lavone read us books about swimming. Afterwards, we colored swimming pages. Can you guess which one was Emmas and which was Evan's? ;)
Afterwards, we went to the park and had a picnic lunch, but Evan didn't seem to be feeling quite himself, so we headed home. I could tell when I lifted him out of the car, that he seemed hot. And he was. 103.2 degrees to be exact. Ugh.
I stripped him down and laid him in his crib for nap. He went right to sleep. Poor kid. Hopefully he'll awake feeling better and it will have been nothing but the summer heat, though our friend had croup last week, and I'm a little suspicious that we could be heading that direction... keep your fingers crossed! Croup is NOT going to be fun with an asthmatic little boy!
On to another subject - I found a snakeskin outside last night. I'm sure it belongs to one of our resident snakes, Sammy or Sally, which is a good thing, because we had been wondering if they were still around!
Isn't it amazing that they can shed their entire skin in a single, inside-out, piece?
I kinda wish we could do that! It would totally cut down on dusting around here, though it would be a bit strange to see little Em & Ev skins laying around the house...Haha!! And coming from a mom who saves even the umbillical cord stub, I have to say, I'd have to get bigger baby books!
Happy Friday, everyone!

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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Happy Bloggeversary to Meeeee!

I actually googled "blog cake" and believe it or not, that popped up! Ha ha! So, although I didn't actually bake a cake for the big event, today marks 2 years since this blog started. Looking back, it's hard to believe that I was pregnant with baby Evan, anxiously awaiting his arrival. Life was different then, not better, not worse, just different. All the excitement was ever so cautious, full of anxiety and deep rooted fear that history would repeat itself, but we made it, didn't we? And two years later, here we are. Did I think I'd be here this long? Well, I'm not sure, but I'm sure glad I am! I have high hopes that one day, my children can read all about the little things that moms file deep down in the soul and don't often dust them off and remember them. A simple smile after a bath, a day with a caterpillar, a tiny hand holding mine, a sleeping baby. For now, there are moments frozen in time for the future Castro generations to read, experience, and love.
Happy Bloggeversary!

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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

That's Game!

Emma's last softball game of the season was last night and they won 10-2. (Yay!)
I have to say, it's a bit of a relief. The games were often double headers and very hot. Not to mention all the mosquitos that flew around like an all-you-can-eat buffet! BUT, it was so enjoyable to watch our little girl growing up so fast. I remember her in my tummy, thinking of how athletic she was going to be with kicks as strong as they were! I knew she would dance like waves on the shore, run like the wind across the praries, and jump like a kangaroo. And it turns out, I was right.
Those tiny little legs pack a lot of punch, and I can't wait to see where they end up taking her.

Congratulations on a season well done!
We love you, Emmie!
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Last Moments

Yesterday, my canon took its last shots as it slowly drowned in our pool. As it seems, the seal on our underwater casing had malfunctioned, and although the kids noticed it, they decided it was better not to tell & risk getting in trouble than to alert me of it, so as I laid my (dripping) down to rest, I shed a tear for all the memories it had frozen in time for me, over all these years.
In its last moments, it recorded these images, still doing its job perfectly until the very. last. click.

I will miss you, little canon.
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Summer Fun!

In case you were missing my photographic blog yesterday, I have a few photos to tie in with the summertime around here!
We decided to try the water slide on our big slide...and it was FAST!

We have sooooo many toads in our yards in the summer! And we love them, every one!
LOTS of water play!

I LOVE this picture! Aren't they the cutest kids you've ever seen?!?

Emma & Gavin both got to go on stage to help out with the magician that came to the library for the summer reading program!

The pool days of summer outside...
...And the lazy days of summer inside :)
I love having the kids home....most of the time, anyway! ;)
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