Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Mystery Man

This morning I was clearning the table when I heard a little shreak from around the corner in the entry way. I hurried over to see Evan standing there, looking a little frightened. I thought maybe Harley had stolen his doughnut or Calypso had scratched him, but they were both outside. The wimpering was still going on and he was pointing at Harley's food bowl. I summed it up to be that Harley had taken his donut and ran outside. Noticing that Harley's bowl was near empty, which may had prompted the donut robbery, I bent down to fill it and Evan began to whimper again. I took a closer look, puzzled, and noticed what had scared little Evan.

A leopard frog. And a big one, at that. He was about as big as my hand, minus the tips of my fingers. It must have jumped in when I walked out this morning and suprised Evan when he went in to play with the shoes. Poor kid. He had no clue what it was, because when I told him it was a frog (and did the sign for it), he said "No!". Well, that makes sense since his schlumpie doesn't quite look like this frog.
We let him outside and off he hopped. I cannot imagine how confused he was, seeing a strange, hopping being in his house.
Perhaps he will not share the same love of frogs as me...

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