Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Irony at its happiest

Have you heard of the happy face spiders? Probably so. They're super cute, yet super creepy. I love them, but then again, I've never seen one in "real life".

I have seen, however, our own happy wolf spider that lives on our porch. She's been here all spring, lounging around flower pots as I water and looking furry and sweet with her happy butt-ed grin.
However, yesterday, I saw that the irony was too much. Some other creature had fallen for this green fanged furry ball of happy - and he wasn't going to tell the tale.
Apparently, this happy spider's massage did NOT have a happy ending.
Welcome to motherhood, Hapi. And perhaps you could make sure your children leave for college far, far away...

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  1. I love the spider pics, but I can't let you get too far...that's not a wolf spider, it's a jumping spider. Wolf spiders are huge, like a half dollar size and up, and are brown. FYI, cause I'm a dork like that. The smiley hiney jumping spiders are way cuter.

  2. Haha! I guess now that I think about it, every spider is a wolf spider to me if it's not a black widow or brown recluse!!
    And for all you readers...I found the remains of mr. Hapi this morning in 3 pieces. A leg, a fang (?), and all the rest.


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