Sunday, May 30, 2010

Castros Across the US - Day Two

Day two!
We crossed border #3 - Arizona.

The mountains by Flagstaff were coming into view! A breathtaking change of scenery!
In Ashfork, AZ we visited a "point of interest" that was a city that started the railway.
It was a little run down...
For lunch, we headed down the highway to the Roadkill Cafe off the historic Route 66.
I had the aswesom possum. It was pretty good (and tasted a lot like scrambled eggs and bacon) wink, wink.
There was an old jailhouse next door we went to see.
It was part of a "recreating the original route 66 town" type deal.
This mountain had a unique personality. John called it "Aerola 51". Hahaha!
I know this photo looks strange, but I must explain. There was a security checkpoint before you are allowed to cross the Hoover Dam. We had been joking about the new "pull-you-over-if-you-look-hispanic-in AZ" law, and so we were all laughing when we had to stop and get "checked". John had to open our top cargo box so they could check inside.
Welcome to the Hoover Dam.
The water level was really low because they were building a new highway over the mountains.
The traffic was going so slow that I jumped out to take a few photos while we were making the descent. We were cutting it really close as far as time, so we couldn't really stop for long.
Here's that new bridge!
This was a memorial to all the men who gave their lives building this dam (especially the ones that are built into it! Geez!)
Border Crossing #4 - Nevada.
By this time, the traffic had started to move, so we just caught a glimpse as we whooshed by!
We barely reached the MGM Grand in time for John to get to the doors!
m&m world!
The giant coco-cola bottle!
Now, you have to realize that there are 2 cameras going on at this point. John has one, and Emma has one. They're in chronological order, so you'll see what's going on with both of us :)
John was at the UFC 114 Pay-per-view.
Here he is with Stefan Bonner
The kids and mom & I were just getting back to the strip after a loooong, stressful time finding a hotel room for under $800.
Em's favorite place on the strip was the m&m World store.
(Sorry these are all not rotated...I have no idea why I forgot...)
Remember that big coca-cola bottle? This in inside the elevator going up inside it.
The last thing we did was eat dinner. We decided on the Rainforest Cafe in the MGM Grand. We figured that John's fight would be over around 10pm, so we could wait for him to escort us back to the van in the dark :)
The final fight was about to start!
It was close to 1:00am Oklahoma time when we finally started our trek home to our plush hotel.
Emma was asleep before her head hit the pillow. Literally.Look at this little kitchen! Isn't it so cute!? The whole building is eco-friendly, so there's a lot of bamboo and such used in the making of it.
And now, to crawl out of this ever-so-comfy bed and get ready for the final leg of the trip to L.A.!

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