Monday, May 31, 2010

Castros Across the US - Day Three & Four

The room we stayed in in Vegas was so comfy, we didn't want to get out of bed! Evan was up & bathed, then back in again! :)
Soon after, he was asleep again with sister.
After we finally all crawled out of bed (okay, okay. I admit - it was me...), we headed to my Granma Annie's house, who also lives in Vegas. She had been anxiously awaiting us, and I felt sad that we had to leave after such a short visit because I had stayed in bed so long that morning :(
BUT, it was really nice to see her again, as the last time we had seen her was when Emma was a baby!
After Vegas, we headed down to L.A., where we were staying for the evening. On the way, we visited the world's Tallest Thermometer. Ahhh, gotta love the road oddities! ;)

...and then Evan sneezed...
(check out the shoulder...and John's look. LOL!)
I just thought this looked a little disturbing...but that's just me...
Another Route 66 Sight to see was this diner. It started out with 3 booths and a bar, and now has several rooms and a "Diner-saur" out back for the kids. (which was closed, but it looked cute)
In the Diner-saur area, they had a big pond with turtles, ducks, and big koi. The kiddos loved it.
Evan found this big turtle statue and was pretty proud that he petted it. :D
Once in Barstow, we were told we had to stop at this "travellers mecca" called Barstow Station. It was kinda like a giant flea market, only overpriced for the travellers of the mother road. Cute stuff, though. Amazingly, we came away without another souviner! 4 began in Cerritos, where we got up and headed to Downtown Disney, which is the shopping district right outside Disneyland. Usually we end up here before or after our Disneyland trips, so we thought it woudl be better to go today instead of using up some of our DLand time.
The first store that caught Emma's eye was the LEGO store. (Of course!)
They had all these giant LEGO structures built inside. Kinda LEGOLandish.

When Evan didn't get a car, he threw a HUGE fit, and the only way I got him to calm down was to let him play in the fountain. Ugh. Don't you just love the terrible twos?
The biggest attraction for Emma was the Build-A-Bear Workshop. She found a new bear that has peace signs all over it (one of her new favorite designs). Here she is helping stuff it.
...and washing it...
The bear, named "Disney", was getting dressed in the middle of the Disneylad Hotel hallway. There was just no more waiting. Ha ha!
With a $25 purchase, we had a coupon for a free backpack for Em and a matching one for her bear. (and I think she was the most excited about that...)
Isn't she sweet?
For lunch, my mom treated us to a meal at the ESPN Zone restraunt. John got to watch a zillion TVs, my mom got to watch Rafa play tennis, and I got to watch Man United play. The kids behaved and ate well, so I'd say it was a big success! Woo Hoo!
My brother has been hospitable enough to let us all invade his place for the night. I'm so glad. I love my family! Having a wonderful time!
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