Sunday, May 30, 2010

Castros Across the US - Day One

The first day of the road trip was a long drive, but it was so much fun! It started off early, early, early at 4am. Emma was sleeping lightly because of all the excitement. When I went in to wake her, she jumped up bright eyed & bushy tailed, ready to go. But she looked so sweet with her favorite Ugly Doll in hand :)
 About 20 minutes into the drive, the kids were back to sleep.
The first border crossing - Texas. (Yes, I'm one of those moms!)
I love my joby, by the way. I took this picture with it wrapped around my sideview mirror. Super cute!  
 The best thing about Texas was that the rest area had a nice playground for the kids to play on.
 My mommy! In a giant Texas star - which them Texans seem to love...
 On our way to the bathroom!
 Hi,cute baby boy!
 Like I said, about those stars...
 Emma spied a cow waaaaaay out in the distance!
 Back to the playground before we hit the road again! Evan was swinging on the bar above the slide and made everyone clap! Ha ha!
 In Groom, Texas (or close to it), we passed this crazy "leaning tower of water". I'm still not sure if it was supposed to be that way or not...but it was pretty crazy looking.
In Pampa was the Biggest Cross In the Northern Hemisphere. I'm pretty sure the one in Edmond was inspired by this one.
It had a bunch of bronze stautes around the grounds, showing different scenes of the crucifiction.
There were ones of Jesus falling down, being nailed to the cross and beaten, but the one that touched mt the most was this one of Jesus & Mary. I can't imagine the pain a mother would have to bear, watching this all happen to her child - but I'm sure it was greater than the pain He felt that day.
My favorite photo of the day was John taking a picture of the cross, but it looked like he was trying to be a staue along with the others. Hahaaha!
Breaking the bread.

Border crossing #2 - New Mexico.
This was while Em was asleep, so my mom stayed in the car with her while a couple of asian guys and their dog offered to take our photo. Nice guys.
New Mexico was long and pretty ugly. It even bored the kids back to sleep again.
Here's the big storm we passed through on the way. It was a nice break, actually, from the sand and sun that seemed to go on for hours and hours.
We eventually got to the continental divide. One cool fact: on the west side of the divide, the water flowed into the Pacific, and on the east side, it flowed into the Atlantic. Pretty cool, huh? The water, so close together, would eventually be an entire continent away.
A real hogan. The kids were real unimpressed.
Emma was disgusted that someone had brought mud into the house. Ha!
Having a great time!
Wish you were here!
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