Wednesday, May 5, 2010

C E L E B R A T E !

First off...
Happy Cinco de Mayo!
It's Mexico's Independence day today, and that's exciting because probably, somewhere down the line, my husband and kids wouldn't be here with me without this day, years ago. John had gotten that photo in an email earlier today and I thought it was funny, because I'm sure had Em not known what Cinco de Mayo was, this picture would have popped into her mind.
Second of all... (if that's even a saying)
Happy Boy's Day!!
On this day in Japan, they celebrate the boys in their lives, symbolic of the carp flags flown in front of houses. We always had our 3 out growing up, one for each of my brothers, and I remember them looking like they were swimming in the Oklahoma winds that spring always brought. We always fly one for each of our boys, but Eli's baby carp has dissappeared somewhere, so only Evan's is out today, and I'm sure Eli is flying a carp strewn of the finest silk made of gold and silver stardust and it bellows in the winds of heaven like a real carp swimming in the water effortlessly and delicately.

I am so thankful for my boys. They have both taught me so many things that are unteachable, made me feel things that I didn't know I ever could feel, and be stronger than I ever knew I was. A son is so hard to raise, as you don't have the "automatic" bonding that a daughter has to her mother. You need to really work at it, day in and day out. Through teething and terrible twos (that start at 20 months!), through sickness and in health, through life and death.
I love you, dear boys.
So today, on this day of independence and celebration, we will fly our carp of proudness for all the boys in our lives.
Grandfathers, fathers, uncles, sons, and brothers.
Happy Cinco de Boy's Day!
Oh! AND...a new flower bloomed today! This is one of my Sunburst Coreopsis. I "round-up" them every year to try to control their overly happy spreading, but they just shrug and go on, popping up over and over again.
I just found out the other day that they are actually native to Oklahoma, which is why they are so happy to live in this crazy weather.
...And a Happy Cinco de Boy's Day to you, too, Mr. Bee!!

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  1. Happy Cinco de boy's day to you too, Castros! Boys are something else, aren't they? A blessing for sure, mixed with a little trouble, destructive tendencies, yet filled with sweet hugs (for now until they are teens). It's so strange to think that one day our little cuddly boys will be big strong men, bigger than us! I'll miss my cuddly boys, but I hope that one day they will bless me with sweet cuddly grandbabies!


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