Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Take me out to the ballgame...

Emma had her very first coach pitch softball game last night and it was a blast! The "Blue Wave" won 2-0 and looked AWESOME! The girls did really well!
Here they are, warming up before the big game!
That's our Emma, number 0, with the 2 little dark braids.

 Evan tried on a helmet for fun. Can you believe that one day soon, he'll be playing ball, too??
(I have a feeling Auntie Pickle will love this pic...)
 Up to bat....Emma!!!

 ...and she hits the ball! Off to first base!
(Look at that proud smile!)
 On first base, and looking oh so proud!

 Emma's home run was the first scoring of the game (and season), and the girls were SOOO excited!!
 Up to bat again, and showing her balancing skills
(ha ha!)
 Yeah, sometimes she requires a little extra reminder that we're playing ball, not circus! :)
Coach was showing her where her feet needed to go.
And she swings again!
Congrats to Emma & The Blue Wave!
Here's to a great start of a season!
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