Thursday, April 15, 2010

Somewhere over the rainbow... where I have been...or at least I feel like it! I have been so extremely busy lately that I haven't had time to sit and relax! Not that I'm complaining - it's been purely been by my own choice. The weather has been so nice lately, I've been outside continuously doing this and that. I finally got my hanging baskets planted, and (cross your fingers) hopefully they will be brilliantly flowing with blooms before I manage to squish them with my brown thumb of forget-to-water-ness.
I also picked up a few more annuals that seem to give the garden a little more color until the locals bloom later this spring. The coneflowers are super cute!

Pink pots call for pink flowers, of course...

My wisteria is blooming now, and the smell is what I would imagine heaven must smell like! It's soooo nice to be sitting on our glider when the wind blows that sweet smell of wisteria across your face.

They've GOT to be the most beautiful wisteria flowers ever! Of course, I'm a little partial, but...

I also had a really big honor come up last weekend. I was asked to be the photographer for a huge fundraising event for the Mya Gonzales Foundation, The Rise School of Stillwater, and music therapy programs. It was a really special concert, put on by children and adults with special needs and their "buddies", and it was absolutely wonderful! The audience members looked ravishing in their black tie attire and I assume the event was a HUGE success! The tickets were up to $125 and even some famous Oklahomans bought tickets (though they couldn't actually make it to the show). Afterwards, there was a reception and auction and I got to meet and speak with a lot of the performers and their families and I cannot tell you how much of an honor it was to be asked to be a part of it.
(Even though I freaked out about it every day until it was over!)
Feel blessed, friends. There are people in this world who have so much more to hadicap them from life, and they smile like they have 20 hands and 20 legs to help them out. They don't want your sorrow or pity, just your acceptance & love.

Gavin was in the audience that night as his Aunt's date to the show, and looking handsome as always :)
(Besides, he couldn't miss a possible opportunity to meet Taylor Swift!)
SO, I drug him away from the reception for some more pictures. I know, I know. He already groaned at me enough...
But isn't he the cutest??
And besides, I let him have a little fun, too! (Just don't tell his parents I let him do this in his suit...)
Check out this cute little curly haired munchkin! She is the sweetest little thing, and looks just like her momma!

Gavin & his date, "Ah-Ah"
I had so much to cover with this concert, I actually "hired on" an extra photog to help me out. He took BRILLIANT photos and even got one of me! Yay!
(and check it out! I got a press pass! Woo hoo!)
Sincce then, I've been relaxing. A lot. Evan & I have been "summerizing" our backyard. We have to wash all the outdoor furniture and toys and lay seed and fertilizer and mow, and garden, and play in the sprinklers!!
He is SUCH a good helper. Here he is helping me wash some tables. :)
Today, however, we had a milk spill in the car, so the carpets and mats were shampooed and cleaned. Yuck. I can't think of many more things that smell worse than cooked milk in a hot car. Yuck!!
(Remember that, Amy??)
Oh! And I also got three of my Easter cards returned to me today for not having enough postage, even thought the other 7 or so went on just fine...Hmmm...
So if you're one of the lucky'll be getting your Easter card belated! LOL!
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