Wednesday, April 28, 2010


This morning, a new flower bloomed in my backyard beds. She is a new addition to our yard this year, given to me by a friend. I found this Columbine flower particularly interesting, because of its long nectar spurs. (Do I sound like a biologist yet? LOL)

Come to find out, Darwin once thought that plants with the longest nectar spurs and pollinators with the longest tongues (like bees and hummingbirds) would be favored by natural selection, and continue to drive the plants' spurs and the pollinator tongues to really long lengths.

But it turns out that the plants evolve nectar spurs to match the tongue-lengths of the pollinators. It was a long study, but pretty interesting stuff. So this Columbine in my backyard is actually smart enough to grow its nectar spurs just long enough for a bee's tongue to drink. Wow. And now you know.
(Isn't Castro Academy's online campus great? Ha ha!)
Anyway, off to launder while the baby sleeps!

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