Sunday, April 4, 2010

Paging Drs. Castro...

Yesterday, the OSU Vet Med School had its open house, and we took the kiddos to see the different things going on. We also had surgery scheduled for 10:00 on Emma's pink poodle Webkinz, Pinky, and Evan's grey wolf, both of which had holes :(
The first thing we saw on the way to surgery was miniature horses.
The vet students were really impressed that he could get the horse to run circles with a whip cracking and then put a harness on it, but to Emma, it was simply a mean man whipping a baby horse and then getting it ready to take on a walk! Haha!
Run, horsie, run!!
Next, it was check-in time for Pinky & the wolf. Dr. Castro was suiting up...
...while little Dr. Castro was ready for surgery. He's so good, he didn't even need scrubs! (Ha!)
("You're gonna do what to my wolf?")
Dr. Castro was scrubbed and putting on her gloves.
While the surgeon was hard at work repairing Wolf's suture. Look at that anesthesia! That wolf is out!
Pinky was getting her IV fluid line put in...
...and Wolfie was already in recovery with his Evan. :)
Pinky's paperwork
All better!!
The furry friends were on the mend, so we headed out to see some bigger babies. This calf was only 4 days old and already weighed almost as much as me!
These goat babies (kids) were super cute, but momma goat was watching pretty carefully.
This was the look on my face when they told us to wash our hands after touching the animals.
Good advice.
But when you provide a bucket of water with a sponge in it and a bottle of soap, I can only imagine the vast amounts of bacteria living there after dozens of people rinsed and washed their hands in that same water.
Thankfully, I always have a pump bottle of sanitizer in the stroller. Yech.
The kids loved seeing all the animals, but they were hungry and ready to get home for naps, so while we didn't see all, we had a great time!
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