Thursday, April 22, 2010

Little things

Nothing feels like home does. And when you're happy there, it's serenity at its highest. It's funny how small things can make all the difference, isn't it? A smile from a passer by, a kind word from a friend, or a phone call from your mom. Last week we bought new mulch for our gardens. It cost us a whopping $45 for 2 cubic yards of red cedar mulch, delivered, and it feels priceless.
I've always loved my porch. You all know that, as many times as I sit here, blogging away from it. But now the sweet aroma of cedar surrounds the house and it makes my flowers look so happy and new. Such a small thing that brightens the world from atop my porch!
Now that spring is here, the Oklahoma weather becomes a mad hatter with winds and rain and heat and sun. We never know what the day will bring (or the hour, for that matter). Today, I have sorted garage sale clothes, mowed the lawn, comforted a teething babe, and snuck a brownie. Now as the babe rests, the brownie is gone, and I sit here, once again, on my porch thinking of little things and watching the wind sweep the lands, bringing with it cool air and probably rain. 
Today, I will remember the little things that matter, and forget the little things that don't. I won't worry about selfish people who pretend to be your friends, or the stranger that door dinged my car. I'll close my eyes and remember that I have created life with my wonderful husband, that in 491 friends, I have one that would lay down their life for me, I would do the same. That I can sit here on my rocker, smelling the red cedar and be thankful that I can spend every day home with my children and share with them the things I feel passionate about before they are gone into the world. 
My granma Mable once said that she hated the way her husband snored at night, but after he passed away, she cried herself to sleep thinking of the little things - like snoring - that she missed about him. I told her I wouldn't take them for granted, and I'm happy to say that I don't.

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