Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Frontier City!

Frontier City Theme Park had a "Girl Scouts Day" last weekend, so we packed up the family and headed off to the city for a day of fun! It was actually the kids' first time to go here, and it was exciting for them both!
Emma & I rode this ride first - a ride that goes upside down several times over again. She was pretty nervous waiting in line, but she ended up LOVING it in the end!
(Self portraits are never easy!)
 Evan on his first ride of the day - a target shooting ride!
 ...and crazy mom taking off in hers...
 Little swings that Evan was too short to ride on :(
 John's dreaded teacup ride (snicker, snicker). Emma & her friend, Emma were spinning like mad! Evan LOVED it!
 How to train your dragon: Let your sister drive.
 Evan's first roller coaster!
 We wanted to stop in at this saloon, but the rain pushed us along at a quicker pace than we'd have liked :(
 Emma rode this roller coaster with me. It was a "dangle-your-legs-off-the-seat" coaster, and Emma thought it was gross seeing the naked feet zooming by while we were in line.
 The view (and wind!) from atop the carousel was pretty breathtaking!

 My boys driving the "horseless carriages". So sweet.
 And Em & I, with another attempt at self-portraiture...

 Bailey, and the Emmas on the twister.
 And this is what happened as soon as we hit the highway home. (And went to bed by 7:30!)
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