Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Morning...

This morning the Easter bunnies waited until it was juuuuuust light enough to hide eggs and then scurried back into their den to await the anxious children's eyes as they awoke.
The weather is supposed to be in the 80s today - what a blessing!!
The Easter bunny left baskets of goodies for the kiddos (plus a couple items from friends!) 
This looks a little painful, but it's actually Evan saying "awwwww!" at his little chick as it peeps in his tiny little hand. :)
Evan got a car playset that he happily played with while he awaited breakfast.
After we ate, it was time to hunt for the eggs! Emma, the seasoned pro, found eggs everywhere in a flash!
It took Evan a little while to get used to the fact that the whole point was to pick up eggs and put them in a basket, but when he figured out that there were jelly beans inside, he was a little more willing.
I see one!
Look at that big Easter (goose) egg on his forehead from the other day ;(
Emma found the silver egg!!
Now, where oh where is that gold one...
Cute little peep!
Hey birdies!! Here's a jelly bean!
She finally found it!
It was a rush inside to see what goodies they had collected.
"Mommy, you're the only goodie for me!" says Evan!
(wink, wink)
Notice a resemblence?
Ah ha! Caught stealing candy from a baby!
Peep! Peep!
Now my little peeps are due to awake from their candy-induced napping, so I had best get lunch started!
Have a blessed Easter, everyone!
We wish you were here!
♥ Heidi
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