Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Evening

As the day warmed and cooled, we spent the most time outdoors that we have in a long while! Emma had been begging me to set up her Fairy Castle for awhile now, so I did it today, and though it's a lot smaller than the last time she was in it ;), she had a lot of fun!
I thought it was cute that Prince Charming decided to visit, but I think the princess saw him more of an intruder to the castle!
It all worked out in the end, when the intruder shared his moat with her, even though it was so small...
(Hee hee!)
The burgers and brats were on the grill by the time that Grandad and Uncles Kurt & Brock showed up.
The wisteria my mom got me the first spring in our home hasn't bloomed since that year, but it did this year!! It's very first flowers bloomed on Easter!
What a beautiful reminder of rebirth and miracles! My great grandma would have loved to see it this way :)
Here's the picture I took of it last week, when I wondered if it was going to flower, or just have leaves again, and the photo from yesterday's bloom.
Amazing :)
Evan loves spending time with his Grandad. He is 100% boy, and definately a man's man. No one can hang the moon like the men in his life can.
Uncle Kurt managed to get his hands on the rare and coveted "Green Grocer" LEGO set and brought it over for us all to admire. And that we did.
Emma brought out her Krusty Krab set and sold krabbie patties to the people living & shopping in the grocery store. I think even at one point, SpongeBob and Patrick were trying to rent a room in the upstairs building...
It was a perfect Easter day! (We even got to talk to all our absent loved ones via phone!)
We hope yours was just as wonderful!
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  1. you didn't talk to me on the phone... but happy easter anyway!

  2. Awww! :(
    Well, I guess I meant the Cali group...
    You need to call me today when you get a chance though!


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