Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Blue Thunder Strikes!

Emma's soccer season started today with their first game against the black team. Her awesome coaches did a great job with them!
(of course I may be a little partial...)

Don't even THINK about messin' with THIS goalie!
Suuuuuuper Emmmmmma!
These two were the "other" Em & Gav. They could hardly stop dragging each other around long enough to play. Sigh. Who woulda thought...
Emma breaks away! This ended up as her first goal of the season!
And where was brother through it all? Well....when your daddy's boy, and daddy is coaching, and you can't understand why you can't go play with daddy...
You get this:
(Thanks, Becs, by the way, for trying...) ;)
Emma kicked this ball so hard that her teammates hair almost blew off! Hahaha! Okay, so it was windy, but it sure looks funny!
Blue Thunder is on a winning streak so far! Woo hoo!
Great game, Em & John!
We love you!!
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