Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Well, hello again, Mr. Spring!

There's a new love at our house, and it's a universal one across the board of the Castro kids.
Hot Wheels.
And today, after a huge meltdown, Evan finally got what he wanted, and was at peace with the world once more...
Then we headed home for some fun in 75 degree weather outside with Emma & her friend, Bailey. Things with wheels are the new-found joy in this little boy's life, and these two were getting some water time.
Bailey & Emma were drawing kingdoms and castles with princesses and horses with chalk...
The tower on top of Emma's castle was "for the wi-fi", she said. Ha ha!
Later, I put up the outdoor Easter decorations and did a little yardscaping out front. The rain is supposed to be coming again tomorrow, so I guess this was my last chance! :)
Back to the indoor cleaning...moan, groan,bleh.
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