Saturday, March 6, 2010

Swim Awards Banquet

Emma's awards banquet for Swim Team was last week, and it was a big success (after some last minute decorating and almost breaking my ankle running around decorating tables!)
It was potluck, and as expected, Emma and the other kids went straight for the dessert table!
It was formally announced that their team was #1 in the state, and each swimmer was awarded a trophy. The team itself earned a HUGE trophy on display at the YMCA.
Here are most of the "littles" with their trophies.
Emma L, Riley, Em, & Gavin
Emma was soooo excited! She had been waiting for this moment ever since she first joined the team! Ha!
They had a cute slideshow going on in the background. Of course Emma was super cute :)
She also decided to balance her trophy on her head as another photo of her in the background has her doing some sort of Egyptian arms. Ida know. She's a crazy one.
This is the newest coach, Katie, who will be taking over as head coach next year. She helped out the "littles" a lot this year.
This is the head coach, Tina. She is leaving for the Peace Corps, so she won't be coaching next year. Sad. :(
Tina's brother, Evan, coaches mostly the older kids, but occasionally helps out the others when Tina is busy or away. All the girls love him, and it was like trying to get a photo with Mickey Mouse, as all the girls were trying to have photos with him. Ha ha!
Emma's loot.
2 medals - 1st and 2nd place
1 grand ribbon - 6th
3 participant ribbons - Two 9th places, and a 10th place.
She did AWESOME this year, and we are SO proud! She still is saying that she doesn't want to do it next year because it takes too much work, but we'll see...
GREAT job, Emma!
 We love our little mermaid! :)

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  1. So proud of Emma! Hard work and perseverance showed in the end with such an honor! Congratulations!!!


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