Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Spring {Staycation} Break

As the rest of our friends are off skiing, tanning, or theme park-ing, we decided that we would go on a "staycation" this year. Our first visit was to the Sheerar Museum here in Stillwater. I think the last time we were here, I was 8 years old - only a year older than Emma!
Here's Emma, signing the guestbook - hmmmm, I wonder if my name was in there...I guess I should've checked...
The museum was actually really interesting. It was set up by decade, and highlighted the history of our city! It is really cool to find out things that took place or happened in the place I grew up in this whole time, and never realized or knew about!
The kids actually enjoyed it, and had a lot of questions. I actually think that we'll be back again soon!
Here are Emma & Gavin with the original "Pistol Pete", Frank Eaton.

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