Saturday, March 6, 2010


Yesterday, the kids were out of school because of parent-teacher confrences. We found out that Burger King had "Pinkalicious" toys in their kid meals (A favorite book of Emma's and many, many other little people), so we met up with Bailey for a special lunch out!
Here they are in their pinkalicious crowns!
They played in the playground, and Evan got to go in for the first time!
Yes, my germophobia was code red, but I just kept telling myself that we could bathe in germ-x afterwards...
But look at that face!! How could I not let him go?!?
The day was BEAUTIFUL!! Emma & I picked out these garden mushrooms while we were out shopping for birthday gifts for daddy, and "planted" them when we came home.
Emma scooted around
and when Bailey came, they played with their Nintendo DS games.
Evan got a ride from Bailey's mom, Dolores.
What a handsome guy!!
Looking forward to even BETTER weather today for John & My Birthday Cook-Out!!
AND...I think I'm finally caught up on the blog! Woo hoo!!
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  1. For a short time in life one can walk around in the fast-food apparatus while standing up. Such a happy fellow, discovering new things everyday. :D


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