Thursday, March 11, 2010

In hopes of Spring...

I noticed that my daylillies (orange, of course) are starting to come up!
Hooray!! Spring is on its way!
(10 more days until the official date, of course, but in Oklahoma, you never know...)
...And those tulips from last year are getting bigger!!

...And warmer weather allows playing with nature, which leads to little piggies getting scraped :(
...which call for Handy Manny band-aids...
..and I found these AWESOME ice pop makers! I usually make flavored ice cubes, and my friend Anitra uses dixie cups with popsicle sticks, but we always run into the same problem -
the mess.
We get triple digit heat here, PLUS humidity. Anything frozen becomes liquid in seconds (probably boiling in 30), and the mess is awful!! BUT, these have sippy straws that let them drink the melting mess from the cup at the bottom. Very cool, indeed! And for $1.29, I think I can test them out once Mr. Sun comes out!
(Yes, the picture is upside-down, but now you can see the full scope of awesomeness!

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