Saturday, March 6, 2010

Gavin's Belt Test

Gavin had a big night Thursday. He was testing to get his first "belt" in Goju-Ryu - a Japanese martial art. It was a special event, only by invitation by the student, so we were honored to be invited to watch. I can't imagine how nervous he was, performing this test in front of the fellow students and guests for his first time, but he didn't show it.
Here he is, waiting to start.
The test begins, and he does GREAT! It appears a bit like a "routine" of moves, but it's a pretty long one, and he practiced a lot to get it all memorized.
He then had to wait while his sensai took notes. I think at this point I was shaking a little with nervousness...
okay, maybe a lot...
In the end, Gavin passed his test and was presented his certificate!
They do a closing ritual, which I thought was so cute because all the little toes poking out from behind them. :)
Congrats, Gav!!
The sensai puts his green stripe on the belt, and tells us the story of how the belt color order was established, which was really intresting! He said the belt starts out white, and although you always wash the gi, you never wash the belt, because it shows how much you practice. So, as you learn, the belt becomes green with grass stains. Next, the belt becomes brown with dirt, and finally black. Then as you practice even more, the black falls off and becomes white again. Pretty cool!
And here's the newest green stripe warrior!
Well done, Gav! We are so proud of you!!
Thank you for inviting us to your special event!
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  1. Congratulations to Gavin! Knowing martial arts so well is a great way to protect one's self and family!

    I think this sensei must be Sharon Scott's postman.


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