Thursday, March 11, 2010

Father/Daughter Bonding

Remember when I showed you this photo and told you it was long story, and I'd get to it later?
Well, after a week, I think I've recovered enough to tell you the story - as I was waiting on the ending.
My dad comes over on Wednesday nights for dinner and "Modern Family" watching. The roads from his house to ours are mostly backroads, both dark and neglected. On this particular evening, his bad luck brought his truck to a halt on Country Club road in the middle of nowhere. Of COURSE he didn't take his cell phone with him, because, well, that's daddy. SO, he hitched a ride to our house via a nice guy in a loud car and he called AAA to pick up the truck.
I drove him out there and parked behind the truck and we waited patiently for the tow truck to come. 45 minutes later a nice young guy came and hooked the truck up to the ramp and was driving it off to the shop within 10 minutes. Hooray!
So daddy & I go to get back home for some warm potato soup, only to find out that my van was going NOWHERE. It was stuck.
In mud.
Up to the floorboard.
Oh yes.
(And if you haven't heard before, my dad is where I inherited my black cloud of luck, and when you get two of them together, it just leads to raging storms of the like)
So we call AAA again - two times, thanks to dropped calls, and in theory, the tow guy is coming back to get us.
Only he's not.
Because when he got the second call, he called John, who had no idea that the van was now stuck, and told him everything was fine.
We straightened that out and once again, the tow guy was on his way.
30 minutes later, this nice kid was back to pull us out.
It was pitch black now, and there are no lights anywhere nearby.
He couldn't even get near the right wheel, since it was under so much mud, so he hooked up the left side and started wenching it up...
and the cable broke.
"Oh! Not again!" he says, as he heads back to the truck, and I glance down at the cable (used to pull 2 ton vehicles onto the ramp, mind you) that is frayed at the end, covered in a few layers of duct tape.
I'm thinking to myself "Well, apparently it HAS happened a few times, and apparently duct tape is a lot stronger than I thought!"
(And weren't daddy and I JUST standing BEHIND his truck as it was being wenched UP A RAMP by this same cable, held together by DUCT TAPE?!?!)
Oh God.
So he fixes it and starts to wench me out.
"Now if you hear a pop, duck your back in the window real fast in case the cable snaps!" he says.
(What the....)
This goes on for about 15 minutes and the van just seems to sink deeper and further off the road. I'm scared of the cable snapping (have you SEEN the opening scene of Ghostship?!?!), so I'm not really committed to this whole thing. Maybe we can just leave it there and hope it finds its way home later?
Eventually, tow boy decides that instead of wenching me out, he'll try just driving off with me behind him and (cross your fingers) I'll be following behind him.
So, off we go.
(Did someone hear duct tape ripping??)
We're on the move!
(Was that a snap?? Should I be ducking back in the window?!?)
We're on the road!!!
Woo hoo!
We thank tow boy for all his help and drive off towards the city limits, throwing chunks of mud up in the air that looked like, to me, what it would be like in a zombie flick when you go plowing into them all, throwing their bodies 10 feet in the air all around you.
Thank God that was over.
In the end, Daddy's truck had blew a head gasket and my van was vibrating to pieces if I went over 40mph, but it ended up being that there was such an enormous amount of mud under the van that once they cleared it out, it was running great again. :)
(Don't believe the hype, people. Toyota makes GREAT cars.)
In the following days, I returned to that spot - in daylight - to see the ditch we dug that night.
It was a quarter mile of this:

But it was an adventure that was fun, as they usually are looking back.
I had fun spending time with my dad that night in the still, quiet night with just the tick-tocking of hazard lights and crickets.
Let's just hope our next adventure isn't quite so muddy...or expensive!
I love you, Daddy!
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