Saturday, March 6, 2010

Cell Phone Photo Dump

It's time to unload my iphone photos again! Let's recap, shall we?...
A little pirate at Long Johns...ARGG!
My new mushroom aqua globe that I won at a Bunko night
(Things that make you go Hmmmm)
However, I must say, that I wish I had about a dozen more! They work great, and would save me a LOT of time every week!! :)
Child Labor Laws are not in effect at Castro Academy... peel, peel, peel!
Well, actually, they BEGGED me to help, believe it or not...
A new outfit for her birthday from Dr. PJ...
A late night Starbucks trip...
This was a loooong night, and a loooong story. I'll have to tell you this one as soon as I finish up the .... excitement...
A cute little snake that lives in our front garden :)
Emma has named it "Baby".
I think that covered all of February... see you again for another dump in a month... ;)

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