Sunday, March 7, 2010

Birthday BBQ!

Yesterday's weather was GREAT, and it was supposed to rain today, so we decided to have a cook-out for our birthday and invite a few families over to enjoy the outdoors with us.
That morning John & Evan stayed home and practiced their martial arts...
...while Em & I went to see Alice in Wonderland. (Which was AWESOME, by the way!) I didn't realitze it was a 3D movie, which made it even better! Of course I'm a HUGE Tim Burton fan, and that always means wonderous works of art, but the story itself was simple, yet exciting. Can't wait for it to come out on blu-ray!
Emma decided to dress herself in blue, much like the beloved Alice. It was so cute!
The festivities began at 4. After the kids got done riding bikes (and the adults were done chasing after the strays), we all got together for some badmitton. It was HILARIOUSLY fun!

Of course, we still had strays...just not on wheels this time.
Dolores brought us a cake and candles, which is awesome, because I had totally forgotten to get one!
The birthday duo!
Anitra got me a garden mushroom, that brings our shroom count to 3 this weekend...
The Holcombs got us a complete bathroom set with FROGS on it! SO cute! I had been wanting to transform Emma's girly bathroom in to a more gender-neutral design, but never got around to it. Now, it's been done! :)
Thank you!!
The party went on until around just before midnight, and we all slept really well. Of course our little alarm clock child woke us at 7 for the start of our official birth day.
Since I was born at 10:35 EST and John at 3:40PST, we will both be 31 for 8 hours today, until 5:40, when I become 32. Pretty cool, huh?
I let the alarm clock open my presents from the kids & John.

The only drawback of having a birthdy party the night before your birthday is that you have to spend your actual birthday cleaning, washing, and shampooing carpets :(
Here's my new kitchen rug and the 6 dirtiest little feet in the house breaking it in for me :)
After breakfast, I decided to put up my new froggy bathroom gear!
Before.....................and after.

4 more dirty paws checkin' out the new clean laundry basket...
What a cute little froggy!
Happy Birthday, John!
I didn't know as I was eating my 1st birthday cake that my whole life's path was being brought into this world at that very moment in time. That 20+ years later we would find each other and the world would never be same.
I love you.
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