Monday, March 1, 2010

19 Months Young

Yes, our youngest EMC has reached 19 months old, and it has flown by! Here were the stats from his "18" month check up...
Length: 35inches (taller than 97% of his peers)
Weight: 26 pounds (heavier than about half his peers, although right before his diarrhea spell three days earlier, he was at 28, and heavier than 75% of his peers)
He has grown tremendously just in the last 6 months! He is self-feeding, kicking & throwing balls, dancing like a pro, and jumping (with both feet off the ground!). His speech is coming along at a slower rate, though why talk when you can communicate quite efficiently using signs and pointing? :)
He has entered the wondrous "I don't want to eat ANYTHING" phase, but there are a few items that are still on the "in" list. These include:
Cap'n Crunch - but only the berries (just like mom). Thank goodness they re-released "oops! All berries" again!
Peas - I know. Yuck. But the kid can't get enough, and I won't deny him!
Carrots - Yeah, I'm beginning to think he's vegetarian, too...
Pop-Tarts - Only in cherry
Crackers - only the buttery rectangle ones
And of course, any and all candy or chocolate. I'll get an occasional bread slice or spaghetti in there, and today he ate a few mac & cheese noodles, but the meats are sorted out and left for dead... or Harley... whichever comes first.
He still totes Shlumpie around and one of his two blankies, and he is a clean fanatic. He will germ-x his hands over and over as many times as you'll allow, he wipes his mouth during meals with a napkin, and cries when his shoes get muddy. He still loves his tools and hot wheel cars, and all things Thomas the train. 
I cannot believe that this summer will bring the 2nd anniversary of his miraculous birth unto this world. We are so blessed. 
Every day,
Every hour,
Every minute,
Every second.
Happy 19 months, Evan! We love you!

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