Sunday, February 21, 2010

Wow. I had 234 photos on my camera today, and although I usually have numbers ranging in the triple digits, I had no idea that I had taken that many in the past couple days! However, it's a little like a suprise package when I open them, and I see all the memories, even so fresh in my mind, can come back in full force, and I love it so much! :)
Here is a Valentine visit from Gavin, as he does every year for his Valentine gal.
This year, in addition to the usual roses, he surprised her with the Valentine Webkinz Lion. She LOVED it!
Gavin's granma sent a fizzy cat ball. You put it in warm water and it fizzes away, leaving behind one of 6 different cat figurines with a secret message on the bottom, which is shown when you dip it in freezing water. The two watched very impatiently for the cat to be visible.
Fizz, fizz...
And all our guesses were wrong, it was cat #2 with its mouse friend.
When we put the ice on the bottom, his secret message was...
(drumroll, please!)
And I think that was probably the perfect one.

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