Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Work Week!

This is a busy week! I am helping my friend & neighbor out at her store this week 3 days in a row, so I just have to shove all my news into a morning stew! :)
This is a drawing by Castro Academy's finest 18month year old student, Evan Castro. His first dry erase picture, to be exact...well, that's not including his clothes. Grr.

Emma has been practicing blowing bubbles with gum for a looong time now (she wasn't allowed to chew gum until last year, so she maaaaayy be a little behind in that department), but yesterday, she managed to blow a bubble and keep blowing them! Hooray!

After school, Emma's friend, Bailey came over for a little while to play. She is SO polite and well-behaved! Thank you for coming over, Bailey! Here they are, stirring brownie mix!

After bath, Emma got her turn at the dry erase board while John & watched LOST. She made up a menu for her restraunt, and served us (plastic) entrees of yummies!

In other news, Monday night was Evan's first baby gym class. It was a lot of fun, and he LOVED it. It will be a challenge to introduce him to following the schedule and not just trapsing about wherever he pleases, but he will learn quick! I didn't get any pictures of the event, but it sure was cute! Maybe next week!
He also got worse as far as his cold was concerned. The albuterol (breathing treatments) stopped working, and his breathing was so labored that I took him in. They tested him for RSV, but it suprisingly came back negative. He is now on steroids and antibiotics to fight the wheezing, but they weren't sure what happened.
The steroids seemed to work fast, and he was back to slight wheezing by that evening, even sleeping pretty much through the night. Poor guy. Send him your thoughts & prayers for a speedy recovery!
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