Friday, February 12, 2010

Well, it's been a long week! I guess since we were so busy, it felt like a month's worth of ...stuff... was going on!
I just have to share this photo with you of Evan's new "look". It's a universal look. Everyone gets it for any and no reason at all. I don't think he knows exactly what it means, but he's figured out that it gets a rise out of everyone he gives it to, and, because I'm mommy, I get a watered down version of it, so you'll have to multiply the wrinkled brow by three or so to picture the public's view of "the Evan scowl"...
Yesterday was Emma's school Valentine party, because they are out of school today. Here are a few shots of the big event!
These Valentine cans were actually all made out of Evan's old formula cans that we recycled to the class. (See, John?? I TOLD you they would eventually make it out of the garage!! Ha!)
Aww, my sweetest little valentine :)
p.s. Everyone LOVED the shirts! :)
Today, as we prepare for our extra-super-duper busy day tomorrow, Emma has come down with a sour tummy.
All we needed was a stomach bug to compete in the state swim meet and dance the night away with daddy...
So for now, we have little cheeto-faced brother using his sister for a junglegym because...
...she's lying on the floor with an upset tummy.
You can plan a perfect picnic, but you can't control the weather.

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