Sunday, February 14, 2010

An UGLY Update...

Friday, when school was out, I came across this on my living room floor.
Normally, I cringe at the thought of Emma & her "crafts". Why? Because she is SO much like me. Our crafts leave more mess behind than you would ever expect, and it takes a Loooooong time to clean it all up and put it all away. The difference between us? Mine gets cleaned up. Emma's? Well, it gets cleaned up, too, only not in such a timely manner. As I turned the corner, though, I found the cutest little crafting going on.
This is Toodee, one of Emma's most favorite Ugliy Dolls. I had told her that I would make some clothes for her #1 fav (Ket) since he was feeling jealous of Wage's new Valentine apron (and he is, after all, a fashion lover). SO, Emma decided that she would make Toodee a nice new outfit as well.
And OH MY GOSH how cute it was!
It had little boots and hat and everything!
What a sweet little girl!
Now I guess I had better get movin' on Ket's clothing. I told her that ONE - and ONLY one - ugly would accompany us on our (tentative) drive out to see Gramma S. , (who is battling cancer like a champ, by the way!) and she chose Ket, who apparently needs new outfits for the adventure!
However, I'm thinking Toodee just might have a cuter line of clothing :)
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