Friday, February 5, 2010

A Toddler's Menu - in reality...

You can read all about the proper meals and feedings for toddlers in ANY book at the store. But, as a seasoned mom, let me tell you the real toddler meal menu...

Breakfast: Rice chex cereal. Milk on the side, please. Oh, wait, no...maybe cheerios. Hmmm, Harley likes them! Bring on more!! You know, I think I'll just have milk.

Lunch: (Insert ANY food here). Respose = NO. Perhaps goldfish crackers. Oh, wait! I see chocolate on top of the fridge! NOTHING ELSE WILL DOOOOOOO! WAAAHHHH!

Dinner: I'm STARVING!! FEEEED MEEEE! WHat's that?!? NO. I don't want it. How about those goldfish? Oh, here's a cheerio in my bib..mmm...but I won't eat any more after you bring them. How about that milk?

I remember being in absolute PANIC when Emma started this diet - letting her survive on goldfish, cheerios, and pediasure for what seemed like 2 years, but the doctors all agree that it's completely normal, and they won't starve.
So here we go again. Evan is fattening up the dog, and I'm pulling my hair out.
Off to pick up some pediasure!
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