Thursday, February 25, 2010

Today at Lapsit, the learning theme was "transportation". Mr. Evan was given a choice of several "transporters" to take with him to class. I was sure he'd choose Thomas, but he chose a rattling dumptruck instead. We put on his truck shirt, and off we went!
There were only 4 kids in classs today, and I bet they were all sick! All kinds of yukky things are going around. Evan had bronchialitis and is finishing up a round of antibiotics now. Whew.
We're still trying to get him to eat more than yogos and poptarts, but nothing seems to work. He's getting his molars in and is NOT in the mood for food!

It was Thursday, and that means Evan & I get a little time alone on campus while Emma does a reading lab. We visited our favorite "ducks" and fed them (and ourselves) some yummy bread.

We just got the word that Emma's awards banquet for swim team is Monday evening. She's SO excited to get her medals! Consider yourself invited - just let us know to expect you! ;)

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