Thursday, February 4, 2010

Tell me a tale...

Today Evan started his "Lapsit Storytime" at the library. He was so engaged and well behaved the whole time, and I was extremely proud!
Here he is with his teacher, Ms. Laverne.
Every class, the children are handed their name tag to put on the big attendance bulletin board.
Evan put his up all. by. himself.
I was so proud of him!
His favorite book to read in the library isn't a book. It's the resident lizards, the anoles.
Amazingly, he was able to spot both of them even though they were so well hidden!
I can hardly wait to see him engaged in class again next week!
He's such a good little student!

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  1. How wonderful that Evan is such a great student! Maybe he will find a book with anole photographs that he can identify with the living specimens! His name tag is very cute! Did he pick out the chick one himself? So great to have a teacher as a mom!

  2. He didn't choose the chick nametag, but he loved it because that's his favorite sign - "birdie". He was so cute! I wish you could have been there! He was dancing for everyone!


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