Sunday, February 21, 2010

Pre-Party Events

On Friday, the day before Emma's big party, things were getting frantic. Last minute details were coming out of the woodwork, undone, and panic had set in as I baked the cakes and they looked HORRIBLE! Emma was celebrating her birthday at school that day in her classroom, and
I. Was. Frazzled.
However, the rest of the family was OBVIOUSLY not as concerned...

I barely made it to the school on time, and I'm sure Ms. Allen and the kids were thinking I had just rolled out of bed with my falling-out ponytail and sweats, but they enjoyed the cupcakes and punch.
They even did a "Cheers for Emma!!" several times, which I thought was uber-adorable!
I'll be posting a link to all the birthday photos soon, as there are too many to post on here!
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