Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

In preparation for the big day, Emma worked late last night on her LEGO Valentine.

This morning she was up at 7, waking us up with a loud "Haaaaaaapy Valentine's Daaaayyyy!"
After John & I rubbed the sleep from our eyes, we were shocked to see this outside...

I guess that groundhog was right! Winter isn't going anywhere!
So we wandered off to the rest of house to see what suprises awaited us all. Emma got to open her Valentine box, which she was SO excited about!

She got the Webkinz pet-of-the-month, a bed for her zhu-zhu hamster, a planner, a Hello Kitty DVD, and a jewelry set.
(I know candy would probably have been easier and a little cheaper, but they get sooo much candy from everywhere else, that I can't bring myself to give them even more!)
 A Valentine from Granma Joyce & Granpa Joe came in the mail, too! Great timing! :)
All that squealing woke up little Evan, who wandered out to see what all the fuss was!
He forgot all about it when he saw...

Yes, balloons. His favorite toys EVER.
Then, it was time to eat breakfast and open his box!
Heart shaped mini muffins and milk! Yuuum-eeee!

While he ate, Evan opened his box and found a little Thomas the Train expansion set. (You may recall we started collecting the Trackmaster series of Thomas the train toys when Emma was small).
 His love for Thomas shows here when he recognized the character from his show!
Here he is, digging out the rest of his treasures, which was 3 containers of Yo Gabba Gabba foam bath paint and a paintbrush. He isn't in Yo Gabba Gabba, but he LOVES his bathes!

Another favorite character! Sponge Bob! Thank you, Granpa & Granma Joyce!
John gets me flowers every year, and always is sure to choose the most beautiful tulips God ever made. But, that could just be me being biased. :) Instead of a card this year, he printed out a beautiful photo that he had written over with words of beauty and love. I am one woman that can never say that I don't get romance in my marriage! Every day is Valentine's Day for me! And today was no different. Always going above and beyond to show how much he loves his clumsy, overprotective, worrywart, sometimes grouchy, stealer of the covers wife. I love you, John!
(And you did notice my new Willow Tree figurine, right?? It's entitled Je t'aime, which means I Love you in french, and was perfect for today, and always.)
What did my lovingly romantic husband get for Valentine's Day? Well, nothing so grand, I'm afraid. New socks (without holes!), a LEGO set, and free weights for our P90x adventure that (gulp) starts tomorrow. (cringe).
I know. What a romance we've got going on! :(

Emma's friend, Bailey made her this cute lollipop boquet and I was just quick enough to snap a photo before it was eaten alive!!
(Like I was saying, about the candy...)

AND, if the love bug hasn't been to your house just yet today, get ready...
Here he comes!!!

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! And Happy Chinese New Year!! Have a great day!!

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