Sunday, February 21, 2010

Happy 7th Birthday, Emma!!!

In preparation for the big party, I decided to make my own LEGO table for the kids to build on. I found these base plates at the LEGO store for $4.99 each - but I heard that they are on sale at some Wal-Marts right now for $3.50 each in the clearance isle (Quick! Everyone go collect more!!). I needed 4 to fit on the table top.
The table I was using was a feeding table we bought from Babee Tenda when Emma was born. It transformed into a chalk board on one side and a dry-erase on the other. We have NEVER used the chalkboard side - even once- so, I decided that we could easily repurpose it for this use! (Besides - WHAT is that weird stain from?!?! Ech...)
The square base plates fit perfectly on the table, and this was the quick practice layout.
I used LEGOs to space the plates perfectly apart from each other so that LEGOs could easily be built on the cracks between them, and superglued them down. It was perfect, and the kids LOVED it!
The best part was that it only cost me $20 as opposed to the $400 at the store...
I made goodie bags for all the kids that had LEGOs from the "Pick-A-Brick Wall" at the LEGO store and play money (They're learning money at school right now). There were enough bricks to build a car, enough money to buy more bricks from friends, and I didn't have to make seprate boy/girl goodie bags this year! Woo hoo!
I also got these new "Crayola Flavored Water" bottles that Emma just LOVES. They're sugar free, and pretty, and matched the color theme perfectly :)

Emma got to pick out the matching tableware at Party America on the last day it was open here. Good thing we caught that! Whew! It ended up looking absolutely gorgeous and the kids all loved it! In front of Emma's seat was the big #7 I made for her invite!
The table was ready to go! All the cakes were done (4, one in each color), and all we needed was the guests!
After they arrived, the fun began! Check out the slideshow below! We all had a blast!
It turned out to be the best party yet!

If you would like to view them on their original site, or can't see them above, click HERE to see them on picasa!
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  1. Yay, I can leave comments now! Happy Birthday, Emma! I looked at all the pics on picasa, they were great! Glad she got my gift in time :)


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