Sunday, February 14, 2010

Dancing With Daddy

Last night was the fifth annual "Dancing with Daddy" dance, and our 3rd. Emma (and John) look forward to this ALL year long!

Emma was a little sad that she had to wear the same dress again, but daddy had a suprise for her. As I stood in the bathroom doing her hair, he came in with his purple shirt and said he was sad that it didn't match her dress. Emma was soooo sweet, saying that it was okay, he still looked sooo handsome. :)
Then, he told her that he was sorry that he didn't get her flowers this year and she, once again, said that it was okay, and that flowers didn't really matter. She was so set on making him feel special for their special night out. He then told her that he got her something else, and when she asked what it was, he pulled out from behind him, a beautiful new dress that matched his shirt! Emma's face lit up and she was soooo happy! Her old dress was almost torn off with excitement of putting the new one on, and it. was. GORGEOUS.
I have the best hubby.
It was dark outside by the time we got everyone dressed and ready, so photos this year were a little dissappointing, but they still turned out sweet! :)

Another exciting date to add to the scrapbook :)
I hope you guys had a wonderful time! I love you both!

When you get the choice to sit it out or dance,
I hope you dance.
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