Monday, February 8, 2010

Catching Up!

Yesterday was a pretty busy day, so I didn't get much done (which is partially why I'm up so early blogging!)
I'm one of those people that stays up at night with thoughts in my head that don't go away. I guess until I get them down on paper or email or blogger, I can't quite sleep as sound as I should. Ah well.
SO last week we started the 7 Joys & 7 Sorrows of St. Joseph. I, myself, had to go back and read the first one, just to get caught up again, but here's #2...

 St. JOSEPH, Foster-Father of Jesus, by the bitter SORROW which thy heart experienced in seeing the Child Jesus lying in a manger, and by the JOY which thou didst feel in seeing the Wise men recognize and adore Him as their God, obtain by thy prayers that our heart, purified by thy protection, may become a living crib, where the Savior of the world may receive and bless our homage.

Some other random thoughts:
  • My meal swap is going great! We now have enough people that we have a meal for every day of the week! And there's only been a couple I didn't like much.
  • Evan is loving jumping on the couch. And dancing. He is like a rubber bouncy ball that never stops!
  • He has learned "Hhhot!". Only to him, it's not just "this is something that is so high in temperature that it will hurt you, should you touch it", but more along the lines of "It feels different than normal", which includes snow, wind, and LED lights. ;)
  • My plants are growing SO happily in my home. I think that's a good sign of a happy, healthy home.
  • We all have colds. (Okay, so maybe not a "healthy" home...)
  • Evan starts baby gym tonight!
  • I will be working Holly's store 3 days this week so she can train on some new exciting software program that the vet she works with is switching over to.
  • The prep for Emma's LEGO party has begun. She gets to invite 7 friends this year, for her 7th birthday. And she's finding it hard to narrow it down :) A giant LEGO "7" has been built, and seven of almost everything has been made.
  • The Federal Government is closed today, due to the record snowfall in D.C. today. I wonder if that means Anitra can take off work and come play?
  • I felt like the Superbowl was uneventful this year. There was not a lot of hype coming up to it, and I think a lot of people forgot about it! (raising hand) But maybe that's due to my lack of watching TV...
  • The big State Swim Meet is coming up this weekend in OKC. Let me know if you want to go!! I'll give you directions!
  • We're less than 100 days away from an official brother-in-law and uncle. Plans are in the mix and all that matters to Em is her Flower Girl dress :)
  • Snow is coming today. No ice this time, though. (Hooray!)
That's all for now, and I'd better be waking up the kids for the start of a new week! Have a great one!
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