Friday, February 26, 2010

I've Been Tagged!

Fun Facts About Me...

4 shows I like to watch:

1. Modern Family - probably the *funniest* show I can ever recall having seen.

2. LOST. And that's just what I'll be after this final season :(

3. Ugly Betty - You know you love laughing at stereotypes...

4. Thomas the Train - that means my little peanut is sitting in my lap, smiling up at me whenever that funny blue tank engine comes chugging by.

4 things I am passionate about:

1. My wonderful husband :)

2. My children. Their upbringing, their safety, their lives.

3. Bleach. I know, it's weird, but I love the smell of it. It just makes me feel safe from the bad ameobas...

4. My planner. Without it, I am lost, missing, or late.

4 phrases I say a lot:

1. I looove you!

2. Thank you!

3. Good job!

4. Shoes off!

(Can you tell I'm a stay at home mom??)

4 things I have learned, or am learning:

1. I am always learning about childhood development, sometimes th hard way.

2. Roadside Attractions. Yes, it's a crazy thing, but I love oddities, and I love roadtrips. It's a natural attraction.

3. Faith. That's a lesson(?) I am constantly learning. As a control freak, leaving life in His hands is a constant challenge for me, but I get better every day!

4. The difference between raising girls and boys. Oh yes. It's apples and oranges, folks.

4 places I would like to go:

1. Pompei

2. Galapogus Islands - They're dissappearing! Soon they'll be underwater and all they'll have will be my digital photos from centuries before! Ha! 

3. Harry Potter's Wizarding World

4. Heaven

4 things I did yesterday:

1. Took Ev to baby lapsit class

2. Took Em to campus to read

3. Fed the ducks at Theta Pond

4. Didn't tell my hubby how proud I was that he changed the garbage disposal out :) THANK YOU!!

4 things I am looking forward to:

1. Warm weather

2. Sister's wedding

3. Vacation

4. Rocking on my porch with my family on lazy summer mornings

4 things on my wish list:

1. Patio Furniture

2. A new stove

3. Gas money

4. A winning lottery ticket

4 people I tag:

1. Gretchen

2. Amy

3. Katrina

4. Anyone else who thinks it is fun!

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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Today at Lapsit, the learning theme was "transportation". Mr. Evan was given a choice of several "transporters" to take with him to class. I was sure he'd choose Thomas, but he chose a rattling dumptruck instead. We put on his truck shirt, and off we went!
There were only 4 kids in classs today, and I bet they were all sick! All kinds of yukky things are going around. Evan had bronchialitis and is finishing up a round of antibiotics now. Whew.
We're still trying to get him to eat more than yogos and poptarts, but nothing seems to work. He's getting his molars in and is NOT in the mood for food!

It was Thursday, and that means Evan & I get a little time alone on campus while Emma does a reading lab. We visited our favorite "ducks" and fed them (and ourselves) some yummy bread.

We just got the word that Emma's awards banquet for swim team is Monday evening. She's SO excited to get her medals! Consider yourself invited - just let us know to expect you! ;)

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Sunday, February 21, 2010

You've Come A Long Way, Baby!

Click HERE to see our precious little Emma on this day, seven years ago.
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Happy 7th Birthday, Emma!!!

In preparation for the big party, I decided to make my own LEGO table for the kids to build on. I found these base plates at the LEGO store for $4.99 each - but I heard that they are on sale at some Wal-Marts right now for $3.50 each in the clearance isle (Quick! Everyone go collect more!!). I needed 4 to fit on the table top.
The table I was using was a feeding table we bought from Babee Tenda when Emma was born. It transformed into a chalk board on one side and a dry-erase on the other. We have NEVER used the chalkboard side - even once- so, I decided that we could easily repurpose it for this use! (Besides - WHAT is that weird stain from?!?! Ech...)
The square base plates fit perfectly on the table, and this was the quick practice layout.
I used LEGOs to space the plates perfectly apart from each other so that LEGOs could easily be built on the cracks between them, and superglued them down. It was perfect, and the kids LOVED it!
The best part was that it only cost me $20 as opposed to the $400 at the store...
I made goodie bags for all the kids that had LEGOs from the "Pick-A-Brick Wall" at the LEGO store and play money (They're learning money at school right now). There were enough bricks to build a car, enough money to buy more bricks from friends, and I didn't have to make seprate boy/girl goodie bags this year! Woo hoo!
I also got these new "Crayola Flavored Water" bottles that Emma just LOVES. They're sugar free, and pretty, and matched the color theme perfectly :)

Emma got to pick out the matching tableware at Party America on the last day it was open here. Good thing we caught that! Whew! It ended up looking absolutely gorgeous and the kids all loved it! In front of Emma's seat was the big #7 I made for her invite!
The table was ready to go! All the cakes were done (4, one in each color), and all we needed was the guests!
After they arrived, the fun began! Check out the slideshow below! We all had a blast!
It turned out to be the best party yet!

If you would like to view them on their original site, or can't see them above, click HERE to see them on picasa!
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Pre-Party Events

On Friday, the day before Emma's big party, things were getting frantic. Last minute details were coming out of the woodwork, undone, and panic had set in as I baked the cakes and they looked HORRIBLE! Emma was celebrating her birthday at school that day in her classroom, and
I. Was. Frazzled.
However, the rest of the family was OBVIOUSLY not as concerned...

I barely made it to the school on time, and I'm sure Ms. Allen and the kids were thinking I had just rolled out of bed with my falling-out ponytail and sweats, but they enjoyed the cupcakes and punch.
They even did a "Cheers for Emma!!" several times, which I thought was uber-adorable!
I'll be posting a link to all the birthday photos soon, as there are too many to post on here!
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Wow. I had 234 photos on my camera today, and although I usually have numbers ranging in the triple digits, I had no idea that I had taken that many in the past couple days! However, it's a little like a suprise package when I open them, and I see all the memories, even so fresh in my mind, can come back in full force, and I love it so much! :)
Here is a Valentine visit from Gavin, as he does every year for his Valentine gal.
This year, in addition to the usual roses, he surprised her with the Valentine Webkinz Lion. She LOVED it!
Gavin's granma sent a fizzy cat ball. You put it in warm water and it fizzes away, leaving behind one of 6 different cat figurines with a secret message on the bottom, which is shown when you dip it in freezing water. The two watched very impatiently for the cat to be visible.
Fizz, fizz...
And all our guesses were wrong, it was cat #2 with its mouse friend.
When we put the ice on the bottom, his secret message was...
(drumroll, please!)
And I think that was probably the perfect one.

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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Sunday #3

I have to say that this weekend has left me just under exhausted. The weekend was so busy and every minute was packed with excitement, and I don't think I have gotten to slow down until today, which I'm pretty sure is short lived, since this weekend, once again, brings a huge event - my baby turns 7.
As you can recall, she was allowed 7 friends, and was awarded 2 more because the fact that, well, they were kinda involved in the making so much that it would have been heartbreak had they not gotten to come see the final event - even if they don't qualify for the ages 6 and up ONLY rule that the LEGO store had originally imposed. Luckily, I have a couple great big people that are helping me out, and thus, I'm sure the youngers will do fine among the contests with little help.
SO, things are coming together well. The goodie bags are ready to go, and even though I need to replace the ink cartridges in my printer to finish the last few bags, I think I'm almost ready.
There are still drinks and snacks and decorations and, of course, the cake. After last year's Ugly Doll cake, I have to admit, I'm a little nervous. Knowing now that I need to let the cake cool completely before icing it makes me feel a little better about myself, and I'm hoping it will go okay. Besides, she's always really good at making me feel like I'm a "famous" (photographer, baker, cook, driver, etc), so I think she'll love it!
Are you anxious for photos? Me too, because that means I'd have it all done and ready to photograph :)
But, it's not, and you'll just have to wait.
Today is the beginning of lent. My big bro tells me to "give up something you like thats bad for you until Easter. Soda, candy, poptarts, shopping, whatever". What? Shopping?? And I thought giving up meat was hard! Maybe I'll not be so Catholic this week, though it reminds me that I failed to give you the 3rd Sorrow & Joy of St. here it goes...
St. JOSEPH, by the SORROW with which thy heart was pierced at the sight of the Blood which flowed from the Infant Jesus in the Circumcision, and by the JOY that inundated thy soul at thy privilege of imposing the sacred and mysterious Name of Jesus, obtain for us that the merits of this Precious Blood may be applied to our souls, and that the Divine Name of Jesus may be engraved forever in our hearts.
Yikes. I remember that sorrow the day that Evan went in. It was more painful for me, I think. Girls are so much easier at that age...sometimes.
And to think that it's been 7 years since I was so big that I could almost pop, yet I wished that she could stay in my tummy forever, where we were one, and she was safe. And I knew what she ate, and how she was feeling, and when she slumbered and awoke. And I remember that seven years ago today, my OB had told me that she was going to induce me on the 23rd, and I was nervous. Emma would come when she was ready. And I didn't want it any other way.
Ugh. I had better stop before this lump in my throat causes tears in my eyes...again...for the hundredth time today...again.
And, by the way, if you were at Panera Bread last night and found cash on the ground, please turn it in. That was my week's pay, and my gas money and my little girl's birthday fund. And I worked very hard for it.
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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

In preparation for the big day, Emma worked late last night on her LEGO Valentine.

This morning she was up at 7, waking us up with a loud "Haaaaaaapy Valentine's Daaaayyyy!"
After John & I rubbed the sleep from our eyes, we were shocked to see this outside...

I guess that groundhog was right! Winter isn't going anywhere!
So we wandered off to the rest of house to see what suprises awaited us all. Emma got to open her Valentine box, which she was SO excited about!

She got the Webkinz pet-of-the-month, a bed for her zhu-zhu hamster, a planner, a Hello Kitty DVD, and a jewelry set.
(I know candy would probably have been easier and a little cheaper, but they get sooo much candy from everywhere else, that I can't bring myself to give them even more!)
 A Valentine from Granma Joyce & Granpa Joe came in the mail, too! Great timing! :)
All that squealing woke up little Evan, who wandered out to see what all the fuss was!
He forgot all about it when he saw...

Yes, balloons. His favorite toys EVER.
Then, it was time to eat breakfast and open his box!
Heart shaped mini muffins and milk! Yuuum-eeee!

While he ate, Evan opened his box and found a little Thomas the Train expansion set. (You may recall we started collecting the Trackmaster series of Thomas the train toys when Emma was small).
 His love for Thomas shows here when he recognized the character from his show!
Here he is, digging out the rest of his treasures, which was 3 containers of Yo Gabba Gabba foam bath paint and a paintbrush. He isn't in Yo Gabba Gabba, but he LOVES his bathes!

Another favorite character! Sponge Bob! Thank you, Granpa & Granma Joyce!
John gets me flowers every year, and always is sure to choose the most beautiful tulips God ever made. But, that could just be me being biased. :) Instead of a card this year, he printed out a beautiful photo that he had written over with words of beauty and love. I am one woman that can never say that I don't get romance in my marriage! Every day is Valentine's Day for me! And today was no different. Always going above and beyond to show how much he loves his clumsy, overprotective, worrywart, sometimes grouchy, stealer of the covers wife. I love you, John!
(And you did notice my new Willow Tree figurine, right?? It's entitled Je t'aime, which means I Love you in french, and was perfect for today, and always.)
What did my lovingly romantic husband get for Valentine's Day? Well, nothing so grand, I'm afraid. New socks (without holes!), a LEGO set, and free weights for our P90x adventure that (gulp) starts tomorrow. (cringe).
I know. What a romance we've got going on! :(

Emma's friend, Bailey made her this cute lollipop boquet and I was just quick enough to snap a photo before it was eaten alive!!
(Like I was saying, about the candy...)

AND, if the love bug hasn't been to your house just yet today, get ready...
Here he comes!!!

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! And Happy Chinese New Year!! Have a great day!!

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