Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Zooooooo!

Since the kids were out for Martin Luther King Jr. Day, I decided that a trip to the Oklahoma City zoo was well in order. For one, the zoo is free on Mondays during the winter, and secondly, Emma could join us since she was out of school. SO, we invited a few friends and caravaned down to the city for the afternoon. It was a BEAUTIFUL day! The weather was really nice, and the kids had a BLAST seeing the animals (and each other!)
The first animals we saw were the sea lions. It turns out that these were Evan's favorite, and this was the happiest face I could get from him after we left that exhibit....
On the list of attendees...
Dolores, her hubby Rodney, & daughter Bailey

Anitra, Kyle, Gavin, Joey, Ethan, Ian, & Keenan
Rebecca and her boys Parker, Jordan, Grant, & Reid
Jessica & Micah

and Amanda, Arika, Lauren, and Rylee.
Emma brought her friend, Haley along, too!

Of all the animals that were venturing out that day, these Red Pandas had to be the cutest :)

I think we had seen maaaaaybe 5 animals before they spotted the playground and decided that it looked more fun than spotting furry friends.

...and that, in turn, means you have to ride the carousel...
(Which, by the way, is the first time I've seen a manitee on the lineup...)

I felt like I could relate to this lovely lady...

Normally I'm not a bird fan, but this little guy was so stinkin' cute, I couldn't resist! Besides, he was called a "Frogmouth" - my favorite animal! :)

and here's the big lineup...

Haley, Emma, Joey, Keenan, Ian, Rylee, Grant, Gavin, Ethan, Jordan, Parker, Bailey, Lauren, and Arika
The two we were missing...

The sleeping babies Evan & Micah :)
That brought us to a total of 16 kiddos :)
Yeah, I think there were more of us than there were animals at the zoo that day!

It was really fun. I love my girls and their kiddos!
Thanks for hangin' out with me and making memories for our kids!
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  1. It looks like so much fun! So glad you got out between bouts of rain and snow! Lucky for the little ones to have such fun and nurturing parents. <3


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