Monday, January 25, 2010

A Taste of Spring

Only in Oklahoma can it get warm enough to play outside one day, and have icy rain forcasted for a few days later. HOWEVER, we love the occasional warm Springish days that pop in during the cold winter because they let us get out and get some exercise, sun, and fun! (And let us realize how thankful we are for the warmer days coming ahead!). Friday was one of these days, and Evan and I knew we belonged that day in the sun. We played tag, discovered a birdbath of cold winter water, and discovered new finds in the grass.

"Here, Mommy! Let me put that lens cap on for you!"

I *LOVE* this look :)

When sister got home from school, John let them play with his boxing gloves. It's funny how they try to hit each other's glove instead of their bodies - and I am fine to let them do it that way!

The weather had even tricked my tulips into thinking Spring was coming! I found them in my garage, starting to peek up out of the soil! Good thing I happened to see them so I could bring them in for some sunshine!

Have a good week!

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