Sunday, January 31, 2010


Yesterday was the day of snowmen making! John was working on a big one...
While Em & I built a little one.
After we finished, she helped Daddy with his ever-growing snowball!
Isn't there always one of these "big-faced" Evan pics? :) So cute!
Some friends of ours needed help digging out of their driveway, so we ventured up the hill to their house with sleds & shovels. The sky looked a little ominous...
But we made it safely there, as you can see from my cheesy photo by John:
First, we all sledded down the steep driveway while the ice was still there, then we cleared it off. Okay, well, John cleared it off.
After the kids all came in, it was time to warm up! They all got in their swimsuits and headed to the whirlpool tub, with extra, extra bubbles!
I'm beginning to love the snow break from full schedules. What can I say? I love quality time with my family! :)
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