Saturday, January 30, 2010

Snowed In!....Again!

This morning, we awoke, once again, to a blanket of thick snow on the ground. UNfortunately, it has caused a busy Saturday to become dormant. Emma's semi-finals swim meet was cancelled, a birthday party for a friend was rescheduled, and we won't be able to get to the city for Cameron & Lindsey's wedding (Boo!), but FORtunately, we never lost power, each other, or our ability to have fun in the snow even with cold so bitter it stings your face!
Check out this cute little snowbear :)
Isn't our house absolutely gorgeous with the snow?!?
Our little peanut is out on the sled again, this time a seasoned sledder ;)
A self-portrait - wrinkles and all! Quick! Somebody PLEASE help me learn photoshop magic!! Ha!
Another self-portrait of sorts...
The sled was too close to the blowing snow for a tired little Peanut, so sis pulled him in the wagon. Thank goodness Uncle Joey sprung for the all-terrain tires ;)
But, alas, naptime came. Right on time.
Thank you for the gift of sight! There are many things too beautiful and wonderous to describe in words in this life, and I cannot take them for granted. Especially in times like these, where they are in such awesome true form!

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  1. Sometimes nature takes a hand in slowing down the ambitious pace of everyday until we can view our surroundings with new eyes rather than with the usual blinders-blur of life in the fast lane.

    I remember such welcomed winter breaks for five little ones, and am glad you are experiencing similar times! Stay warm and well! <3


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