Friday, January 29, 2010


There was no school today for the kiddos due to the big ice storm that came in yesterday. This morning we awoke to snow softly falling on top of the ice. It was beautiful, and a great snow day since there was little to no wind! In a totally unrelated note - Evan wore his Uncle Brock's shirt to bed the other night, and it was SO cute!
This morning started off with yummy, warm, berry muffins for breakfast and a little Thomas the Train while Mommy got the snow clothes back out. :) Daddy ventured off to work today :(
The ice wasn't as thick as in the city, but it sure was pretty with the sun shining on it this morning :)
Emma decided to "collect" some snow.
Even Evan wasn't sure why, but we both watched her fill the bucket!
She then decided that it was time to blow bubbles! Amazingly, they held up really well in the cold! (And if you look closely, you can see bubbles in the photos)
My sweet little rosy-cheeked baby!
Look at these two! God has blessed us in so many ways :)
You didn't forget about my furbaby, Harley, did you?!?!
Then it was inside for some warm hot cocoa for the gals and a morning nap for both little boys (furry and not).

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