Sunday, January 31, 2010

More than a momento

The new 2010 collection of Susan Lordi's WIllow Tree Figurines has come out & I am in love!
A few of my friends think I'm crazy for loving these figures. After all, they don't have the sweet teardrop eyes of a Precious Moments doll nor the warmth of a Cherished Teddies smile. They, if fact, have no face at all. They aren't colored in bright, fun, shades. They even look somewhat unfinished and forgotten.
It's true.
In a way.
But I guess I had never really thought about why I love these little figures so much until today, as I looked over my collection, dusting and rearranging them all.
To me, they are so much more than just a decoration for a shelf. I got my first figure while I was pregnant with Eli. She spoke to me from her glass display case in that store. True, she was faceless, but I could see the glow on her face as she lovingly looked down upon her ever-growing belly. The smile that you see on women's faces only when they are pregnant - filled with dreams and hopes of the future. She was beautiful.
The second Willow Tree I got was after Eli had already passed on. It was an angel holding a little boy, and once again, I fell in love. When I see it now - my favorite piece - it takes me back to that day. The saddness, the fear, and the hope & peace that followed. An angel had come and carried my little boy home, and someone had captured all that emotion in a small, faceless, almost unfinished piece of art.
Following that, I recieved many more figurines. On the anniversary of Eli passing, the angel was present again, this time helping a tiny boy walk.

Eli would have been walking now.
Thank goodness there are angels there, holding his hands and teaching him to walk in my absence.

Every. Single. One. has a memory. A great memory. A story that cannot be forgotten. A life.
So, my collection is not a mere collection. It's a memory bank, a photo book, a time machine, and a life story.
It's a death, a birth, a moment between a father and daughter. It's happiness and welcomes, and a new home.
It's a best friend's love, a birthday wish, and new experiences.

It's everything.

They have faces of those I love and remember forever. They may look forgotten or unfinished, but so is my life.
They are cracked - some several times over- but it just reminds me that in my life I had children that were small enough to pull down tables and plants and run into rickety shelves.
And no, I won't move them. I won't keep them put away until the children are grown. They are memories and reminders that I like to keep - even on rickety shelves and tables and counters -  so that no matter where I look, I have a smile there, waiting.
So even when my "Welcome Home" angel comes crashing down...again...and breaks into 5 pieces...again...I will still pick it up, glue it back, and place it right back on that entry table for the next big fall. Because that's where she lives.
And that's where you'll find her each & every time you come visit. Maybe I'll pour you a cup of tea and tell you all about it...

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  1. I love Willow Tree as well. One I got the day that Micah was born, another when Brent came home from trip and I was so happy to see him, and another to commemorate the birth of Christ. Everyone has meaning. And yes, I have to glue mine together as well!

  2. Awww, Heidi, you write the sweetest things! You helped to remind me that even when all my boys are driving me nuts, that I am truly blessed by them!


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