Friday, January 22, 2010

LOVE is in the air...

Valentine's Day is only 23 days away! Hooray! I have been hard at work preparing for the pinkest holiday of the year, and FINALLY finished my "projects"!

Inspiration is everywhere, and for these Valentine bags (They hang on the back of their chairs), I saw some on the show "Jon & Kate Plus 8", and decided that since I wasn't about to overpay at Pottery Barn, I'd make my own! After I do their Valentine pics, they'll go in the heart frame on the front.
The shirts are Emma's favorite, Paul Frank, but I made the design myself and printed them yesterday. Super cute! She's really excited to wear hers to school. I've already had 6 more orders from her friends! :D Pretty soon, the whole class might be wearing them! Ha ha!
(Please don't sue me, Mr. Frank!)
The Valentine bags are a surprise for that morning, so it will be fun to see their little faces light up at the sight of something new hanging from their chairs filled with goodies. AND, to top it off, it's on a Sunday, so we can go do something special together! Pink pancakes at iHop, anyone?!?

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