Thursday, January 14, 2010


Sometimes, a moment in time can make such a difference - I guess that's the "butterfly effect". As I sat here, eating my yummy potato bread with cheese and sipping my warm tea, I had a peaceful, quiet (albeit short lived, as most naptimes are ;D) moment that brought me almost to tears. Just thinking of how blessed our small family is. We (and I believe this with ALL my soul) have the world's BEST friends. Really. When times are hard, as times can get so often these days, our friends have not wavered. Not ONCE have they looked in the other direction or avoided a call. We haven't asked anything from them, yet time after time after time again we are encouraged, loved, and made to laugh by those that were not born into our family, but CHOOSE to be a part of it. And asking nothing in return. I can only pray and hope that we are as good to you all as you are to us.
Thank you.

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  1. Heehee. That potato bread is good stuff ;) Oh, and we think you all are the bees-knees!


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