Saturday, December 26, 2009

A White Christmas :)

What a beautiful Christmas it was! The weather was gorgeous, the family was close, and the houses were warm with love, cookies, and cake!
Christmas Eve brought new pajamas for the night for the kids. They were excited to get dressed for Christmas Morning and get to sleep!
Here is our tree after Santa came to drop off his gifts.
The stockings, of course, were hung with care.
In the morning, Evan was the first up, and it was 5:30 am! Yikes! But he woke up sister, and they scrambled out to the living room, sleepy eyed and bed-headed.
This is a collection of Evan in his present-opening adventure!And our little professional present opener, Emma :)I love this photo. Evan had just made his way out and plopped down by his new toy. Check out the bed-head hairdo!
As per tradition, the stockings must be opened first!

Then come the gifts under the tree. What a happy little guy!
The blizzard of '09 (HA!) had passed, and behind it was a gorgeous blanket of pure white snow. I couldn't resist capturing its glow as the sun came up that morning!
Our garden lights were completely covered by the snow in some places. That's a good 8 inches!
Isn't our house absolutely gorgeous?!?
After presents and breakfast, we headed out to my childhood sledding hill by my parents' house to play in the snow. A sleeping little boy...
...and a wide-awake little girl!
Evan all bundled up!
Emma made a snow angel!

Even though it was still really cold from the wind, the kids had fun.
We headed up the hill to visit Grammie and the uncles for lunch and LEGOs, and then back down to our house for Christmas 2.0 with grandparents and uncles. Dinner was yummy and I even made a big cake (which I didnt get a photo of, but it looked like a giant peppermint candy!)
The night ended with a movie or two and Rockband.
Everyone got home safely in the snowy streets and curled up in their warm beds dreaming of the first White Christmas we've had in decades.
Thank you, family, for making Christmas so special and so fun.

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