Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Sweet Travels!

On the 15th day of Christmas, my calendar gave to meeeee
…a poinsettia for the little kit-teeee.

On the 16th day of Christmas, my calendar gave to meeee...

...a hat for the snow-ow bun-eeeeee!
Well, yesterday was my sister’s last day in Oklahoma. She’s on a plane right now, actually, on her way to her new home in Eagle River, Alaska. I am really sad. :( It’s hard to think that she’ll be so far away now. I had always thought that we’d be “those” sisters that did everything in life together, live a few houses apart, and when we were old widows, move in together once again and race the mobile carts at Wal-Mart. Now, she’s a kazillion miles away and she’ll be getting married, maybe having babies and buying her first home without me!! Waaahhhh!
Don’t get me wrong – I am super happy for her and excited for all the new exciting things going on, I just wish it were all going on closer!
My mom is here from California, and no one is happier than her little Emma. Every second her eyes are open, she’s asking about Grammie. Can we go see Grammie? Is Grammie coming over? I drew this for Grammie! I wish I could go see Grammie. Can Grammie pick me up from school? It’s kinda cute to know how much my mom is loved by someone other than me ;)
This is a busy week! Today is her gymnastics “show” day, tomorrow is Emma’s swim team holiday party, Friday is her school party and the children’s party at John’s company, Saturday is her last in-town swim meet, Sunday is one of her best friend’s birthday parties, and then we start all over again next week! Whew!

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