Sunday, December 27, 2009

Oh my goodness!

Well, Christmas is over, and the house is a total wreck, but it's Christmas, and that's to be expected. At least I got the kitchen somewhat manageable!
The kids are loving their new toys, and the snow has brought a new found beauty in the brown, dreary, landscape we had outside.
Inspired by Evan's new Ugly Doll ABC Board book, I decided to do a new list of ABC's for 2009:
A is for the appendix I had to have removed 24 hours before our vacation to Branson - which we still did!
B is for birthdays. Emma turned 6 on February 20th, Evan turned a year old on July 28th, and John & I celebrated ours on March the 7th.
C is for children. Our house feels full now with our two little Castros. They bring us endless joy throughout the year. Parenting can be tough, but it's all worth it!
D is for our dog, Harley. He turned 7 on July 14th and is the eldest of our children. With only one eye that sees, a herniated disc in his back, and severe allergies to grass (I know!), he's got his share of ailments, but he pushes on, and we love him for it.
E is for Eli. We celebrated his 3rd birthday this year! He sure can be a troublemaker in his old age - hiding things and putting sweets in Emma's pockets...hmmmm....
F is for first grade. Emma started her first official "number" grade this year. Her teacher is the BEST and many of her good friends ended up in class again!
G is for Gretchen. My little sister, and best friend. She got engaged this year to the one she was meant to be with. Congratulations, sis!
H is for Heidi. Gourmet cook, Grande Chauffer, Bleaching queen extrodinaire, who turned 30 again this year...
I is for ice cream. Evan's favorite desert. He discovered it this year, along with many other foods that tickle his tastebuds.
J is for John. The reason we have all the wonderful things we do. Endless giving, always loving, beautiful, wonderful, John.
K is for Kurt, who moved back to the states this year. Emma especially loves this because of the love for LEGOs they share. Welcome home, Kurt!
L is for love. The one thing I never yearn for. Always have enough, always giving some away, and always my cup runneth over.
M is for marshmallows! Oowy, gooey marshmallows roasted over our outdoor firepit in fall is one of our favorite memories.
N is for noisy. How can my house be 4 times as loud with only 2 times the children? I don't get it...
O is for Oh, Boy! I'm still getting accustomed to raising a little boy. Who knew that they are genetically planned to love new cars, hammer everything in sight, and act like the world is their drum? I thought they just grew up to be naughty... ;)
P is for photography. An old passion of mine became even more fun with my new camera. I love it. And I'm sure you can tell, if you are a blog reader of mine ;)
Q is for the queen bee. We all know there can only be one. However, in a house with two, it can get pretty heated! :)
(especially for the boys!)
R is for the river we stayed on this summer with our friends in Branson. A gorgeous place with serenity beyond comparison. It was the most relaxing, yet fun, vacation we've had in forever! Thank you, Mebergs!!
S is for swim team! Emma has really excelled in swimming this year, going from barely staying afloat to taking first in backstroke all in a matter of months!
T is for tie-dye. The summer of '09 is lovingly called the "summer of tye dye" because of all the dyeing that Emma and her friends did. It became an obsession by kids and asults alike!
U is for Ugly Dolls. Cute little stuffed creatures that are slowly taking over the Princess quarters in our home. They are so loved. Thank you, Gruncle Roy!
V is for victory! Emma played many tee-ball and soccer games and swim meets this year, all which resulted in grand victories! Congrats, EM!
W is for wishes for 2010. I hope that they all come true (yours and mine, both!) Come on, lotto!! ;)
X marks the spot! I love my front garden, and all its miracles! I choose a spot for something, and it grows higher and wider than I ever expected!
Y is for you. You are are the reason that I write, that I blog. You love us enough to want to see us and know what we are up to. Thank you for being you. Thank you for being in our lives.
Z is for all the Zzzzz's we haven't gotten this year due to that new baby scent :) Here's hoping that 2010 will bring a few more nights of these!
Now you know our ABCeeeeeeeees, next time won't you post yours, pleeeease?
Or, just shoot us a comment with a letter of your remind the EMC squared's of your favorite 2009 moments!
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